This wedding is why I love backyard weddings. Everything went off seamlessly, other than waiting out the rain of course. But that cleared up right on schedule so we could proceed with the outdoor ceremony. Now, this wasn’t their original plan. They had to dial it way down from what they were originally planning, but it ended up being perfect and felt much more like them. With David’s family were unfortunately unable to make it to the event but were able to video chat the entire time to make up for not being there. Technology has really come in handy during these covid weddings am I right? Facetime to the rescue!
Anyways, Their day was filled with life, laughter and so much love. Definitely caught myself tearing up from time to time during the ceremony & reception. Their family has so much love and support for them, which just added so much joy to their day despite the uncertainty of the weather.
Take a peak at the video & photos below!

Photography: Brianna Lane Photography (Assocaite Brit)
Videograph: Brianna Lane Photography (Brianna)
Venue: Brides Mother’s Home
Bouquet – Artemisia Studios
Floral Arrangements – Laura