Literally the sweetest couple ever and SO in love. Paige and Eli won my 1k Giveaway on Instagram once I hit 1000 followers.

Paige and Eli met through YWAM, just like my husband and I did. They were at different bases, but their bases met up, Eli say Paige across the room, turned to his friend and said “That’s the girl I’m going to marry” and guess what… he did! They are both originally from out of state but they moved to Minnesota so Eli could pursue his music with his band with his buddy he made in YWAM. Check them out here, they are REALLY good!

I have always wanted to photograph at the Guthrie Theater because it has such cool architecture and beautiful backdrops. I suggested it to Paige and she loved the idea! She also really wanted to take photos at the Como Zoo Conservatory because they spend a lot of time on date nights there, and lets be real. The conservatory at Como Zoo is absolutely stunning! But we learnt not to go on a saturday, the day Como Town opened because it took me 45 minutes to find a parking spot!  I almost wanted to call it quits, but SO glad we didn’t because well, see for yourself down below!



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