If you haven’t had a chance to read Part One of the JLP Wedding Workshop I urge you to do so now! Click HERE to see!

Now that you have read part one and know what’s going on…
Here is where the magic happened. Jaimie took us to one of her top secret, favorite location in Stillwater, Minnesota and it blew all of us away.
No wonder she has been keeping it a secret, this place was magical. And when that golden hour light hit us, we were all in heaven.
Once we got to the location we walked the park to get a good feel of the layout and then split up into two groups. 5 photographers each.
The first group went off and my group got to hang back and chat for a bit. We took a little bit of a break and got to eat some donuts 🙂
Once the first groups time was up, we met them at the Ice rink since a lot of us wanted to shoot there. Can I please do more shoots in a ice rink, cause I mean, they turned out amazing and it was so much fun! My group then took a turn adventuring around the park with Eric & Katrin and we all took a turn coming up with poses & prompts for them to do.
Like i mentioned in my last blog, I learned a lot about how other photographer work & interact with the couple and it has helped me feel more confident when on a shoot by myself.
Then we met up with the rest of the group to go into the field. This is where the magic happened! I didn’t want to leave! Every shot I was getting was so amazing and even though I didn’t want to leave, I couldn’t wait to get home and start editing these!

There were so many amazing photos that came out of this day and I am so glad to have been apart of it!
A huge thank you Jaimie for putting it all together! ?

(play the song to set the mood!)

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-Brianna ?