An engagement session of my dreams came to life this month. Interstate State Park in St. Croix Falls is only a 15 minute drive from me and is one of my favorite parks, and with a view like this, you can see why. Mike and Allie showed up ready for anything, wich made our session SO much fun! I had them climb up on rocks, dance around, give each other piggyback rides, and sit on the edge of the bluffs just soaking it all in. The day was absolutely perfect and the sunset was so beautiful. We had the pack almost completely to ourselves and enjoyed every minute exploring the bluffs.

Here’s a little back story on these two lovebirds.
Mike and Allie are super blessed to have met each other.  They both had a lengthy journey in finding our forever partner but are so glad their patience has paid off. Allie’s good friend, Simon, worked with Mike at an IT consulting company. Simon and his wife, Gretchen, both thought that Mike and Allie would be a good match for one another, and it turns out they were right. Mike knew almost right away after meeting Allie that she was the one for him. Allie was a little more slow paced and analytical, but eventually let her guard down and knew that Mike was the one for her. Allie and Mike are super down to earth and love to surround themselves with the people that are most important to them. They love to adventure, which can take many forms. Most of all we love exploring new places on our bikes, running, kayaking, trying new restaurants and breweries.
They have the perfect love story and could probably even be made into a movie. Anyone have Nicholas Spark’s number? No? Shoot.

Play the music as you scroll 🙂

Thanks so much for viewing! Aren’t they just the cutest???
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