Oh my goodness, what an incredible year 2019 was. It’s been so much fun going through my photos and picking out my favorites from each session and wedding I did last year, but oh man it was tough!  I tried to limit myself to 5 photos per wedding/session… which ended up not happening. Definitely went over for some ?. I debated adding in ALL of the sessions and wedding’s that I did this year, including weddings that I second shot or associate shot, but I decided to only showcase all of the lovely people who hire Brianna Lane Photography to capture their big moments. I’llprobablyy get around to blogging those other weddings by themselves later.

This past year was HUGE for myself and my business. 2019 was a year of growth. I have grown & learned so much. Forever grateful for all the opportunities that came my way. Can you guess how many wedding I photographed this year?  A total of 22 weddings. 13 of my own, second shot for 6 amazing photographers, associate shot 1 and got to tag along with my mentor to 3 of her beautiful weddings. Plus the endless number of engagement sessions! To end the year, I got to do something that I’ve never done before,  photographing a birth. This experience was the  most incredible and humbling thing I’ve ever done. Women are so freaking amazing.

I’m always digging more more educational content on how I can best serve my clients and better my business! in 2019, I attended 4 workshops, hired a mentor and completed 3 online courses. Always pushing to learn more and refine my skills to make me stand out as a photographer here in Minnesota when there are thousands of photographers to choose from.  Investing in myself & education is an investment into my clients. Doing my best to offer the best experience possible for those who step in front of my lens and show them I care!

I hope you enjoy scrolling through my year and can see how much I’ve improved my skills over the last year! It’s been quite the journey and I’m thrilled with where this job is taking me.



Thank you SO much to every single person who has stepped in front of my lens this year! This year wouldn’t have been the same without you!
Although I will be slowing things down to focus on my growing family, I’m excited to see what I accomplish is 2020!