Know Your Wedding Photography Styles


This is so much wonderful information for couples hunting for the perfect person. I love how one photographer can also fit in multiple categories.

This was such a great blog! It’s super easy to get confused sometimes on what means what! So many different ways people shoot and edit 🙂

This is such a great post! I love all the information, it really helps put a pin point on what all of these photography mumbo-jumbo terms mean, ha! My favorite styles are true to life, light & airy, and adventure! Thanks again!

This is such a great breakdown of all the different photography styles!

This is such a helpful guide to wedding photography styles!

This is actually so helpful! Even as a photographer I didn’t realize there could be so many more styles! And some cross over too between candid photo style + editing style (e.g. warm, desaturated etc.)

All of those photography styles bring me back to what I absolutely love…it’s so important to choose the right person to photograph your own….great tips for every bride to look through!

Such great info about the different editing and photography styles!

Thank you for sharing this. It’s very helpful and I love how you did a breakdown of each category and the examples.

I loved this! Well-written, great links, and Very handy for explaining some of the different styles to someone.

I am really loving the earthy/desaurated look, but i hate to switch over to it as I got redo my entire photo collection. So much work haha. Anyone has recommendation what preset was used for it?